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Merkur Andelskasse

Sustainable banking

Merkur Andelskasse

In choosing Merkur as your bank, you contribute to sustainable societal development. The main part of our loans are focused on three areas:

Ecology and the environment

Organic and biodynamic agriculture, sustainable energy sources, sustainable industry and trade and organic construction.

Between people

Organic societies and communities that experiment with innovative living, building and forms of ownership. As well as alternative energy sources and ressource-efficient systems, homes for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults as well as recreational and respite facilities for socially marginalised children and teenagers.

Culture and education
Independent primary schools and kindergartens, high schools, cultural centres, theatres and performance art venues.

The other loans are for private use - eg. for buildings and loans taken over from other banking institutions.

As a private customer, you also have the possibility to invest in alternative energy research, micro-loans to developing countries and ethical stocks.

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At www.minepengegø you can see more about Merkurs loan-financed programmes.


This picture has been kindly lent to Merkus by the National Organic Association. Thankyou.